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Andreja Štefulj

About: Andreja Stefulj is a certified RDI counselor and a teacher of Yoga and Mindfulness. Through her experience of teaching yoga, she quickly realised the benefits that yoga offers for students' attention and focus, reduced anxiety and development of calming strategies. She is based in London where she works with the families of children with SEND and has experience in providing virtual support. Her mission is to support the families of children with SEND to reach their full potential.

Main focus area (theme): Multidisciplinary approaches, methods and techniques in working with children and young people with SEND

Title: Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) and Yoga and Mindfulness for Diverse Needs

Mim Ochsenbein

About: Mim Ochsenbein works as a pediatric occupational therapist for over 25 years. Her broad practice experience and specialisations are further enhanced by her Master's degree in Social Care, with an emphasis in nonprofit management and development. The combination of her academic background and practical experience has enabled her to bring a unique worldview to both her clinical practice, professional-level students, and programme development. Helping others understand and support neuro-divergences is her focus. Mim continues to strive to create a comprehensive, blended practice of both direct client care, programme development, consultation, and teaching.

Main focus area (theme): Sensory integration: early intervention and school age

Title: STAR's Foundations to Development in Practice: An Introduction to the Dynamics of Sensory Processing, Regulation, and Relationships

Monika Novak Pavlic

About: Monika Novak Pavlic completed her Professional Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy at the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences in Zagreb, her Bachelor’s and Master of Science degree at the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, and is currently a PhD student. Since 2016, she has been dedicated to research work and teaching. In her research work, she is currently exploring wellbeing of parents and families of children with SEND, care delivery models in pediatric rehabilitation, family-centered service, adaptation and implementation of evidence-based practice and translational research. Family as a key factor in planning and implementing educational, prevention and therapeutic programmes. 

Main focus area (theme): Family as a key factor in planning and implementing educational, prevention and therapeutic programmes

Title: Support and well-being of parents of children with SEND in early developmental (re) habilitation

Silvija Pucko

About: Silvija Pucko is an educational rehabilitator, founder and director of the MURID Early Intervention Center. Her entire career is dedicated to specialisation and education in the field of early intervention. She has co-authored the manual “Down Syndrome – A Guide for Parents and Professionals” and is the leader (and the internal supervisor) of the Growing Together and Growing Together Plus workshops and programme. In recent years, she has been engaged in diagnostics, educational work, development of quality standards for the provision of social services and the creation of an intersectoral model of early intervention.

Main focus area (theme): Evaluation and progress – Data collection and analysis for planning, monitoring and evidencing impact.

Title: Evidence based practice – evaluation of approach, competencies and rehabilitation performance as a basis for professionalism

Smiljana Zrilić

About: Smiljana Zrilić is a full professor at the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Zadar, where she teaches courses: Inclusive Education; Pedagogy of Children with Special Needs; Specific Learning Disabilities; Behavioral Disorders of Early and Preschool Children; and Gifted Students. Her areas of scientific interest are inclusion and the upbringing and education of children with special needs and disabilities (SEND). She has written about a hundred scientific and professional papers, the university textbook "Children with special needs in kindergarten and lower grades of primary school", and co-authored the university textbook "Integral approach to giftedness – a perspective in education".   

Main focus area (theme): Therapeutic work in the process of upbringing and education of children and young people with SEND

Title: Assessment of children with SEND – how much do we really value their work and abilities?