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Abbot’s Lea School is a maintained special school that provides the highest quality of education for nearly 300 students aged 3-19 living with Autism and a range of associated communication, interaction, social, imagination, sensory and learning differences.

The reality of working at Abbot’s Lea School is that of the wonderful combination of tradition and innovation which aims to deliver the best special education in the country and beyond. Their newly found mantra is to be the best special school in the world!

They believe that every lesson needs to combine focus on the academic progress, the specialist learning support, as well as development of essential life skills that enrich students’ lives and prepare them for independence and adulthood. They teach in relatively small groups to promote personalisation of learning and support given to each student. That said, they also promote independence through individual work and peer projects with minimal staff support. It is part of their professional mission to support all students on their journey towards becoming confident, happy and successful young people with well-planned and meaningful future destinations.

Their Vision and Mission is to be the International Centre of Excellence for Autism Education, Research and Professional Development. Their Aims: to provide outstanding education to the students, to work in united partnership with the families, to recruit, develop and retain the best professionals, to lead innovation and positive change in the field of Autism.

Their Philosophy of Education: The ASD MODEL ©

Academic progress, Specialist support, Development of life skills

As part of the two-year project Development of Innovative Social Services - Integrative Counseling and Support Center DOKKICA will organise two international conferences for experts in working with children with SEND in cooperation with the specialised school Abbot’s Lea School. As one of the leading experts in the field of education of children with autism spectrum disorders, the specialised school Abbot’s Lea School helps network experts and scientists from Croatia and abroad. Combining nurture and education with therapeutic approaches in work has opened a wide range of possibilities in creating and implementing services for children with SEND and set standards that we will be happy to follow. Representing the specialised school Abbot’s Lea School, Dr Sara Muršić is our Chair of the Conference Program Committee.